::: Gone Fishing Party Feature :::

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My son Karlo is all about the outdoors, so he was all ready to cast off and have some ‘reel’ fun with his Gone Fishin’ 5th birthday party!

The main party table was styled around the printable party package I designed especially for my son’s birthday. I searched all over town to find fishing items to add a little bit of rustic to the cute printables. Lots of wood grain, burlap and natural looking grasses along with the fun pops of color made this themed table fun and festive!



2 3 4 (2) 4 6 (2) 6 7 8 9 I like to design cake centerpieces that can help a mom transform an inexpensive homemade cake into something special and this gone fishing cake turned out just as I had imagined. I frosted the cake with the petal design technique to resemble waves. Then using the printables, I strung a line of colored fish on bakers twine and bamboo sticks and lastly, the gone fishing inspired sign let everyone know my birthday boy`s age! 10 11 12 13 14 15 17

The party bait shop was stocked full of edible treats like the reels and worms. The reels where created using two chocolate covered cookies and sandwiched a large marshmallow. My husband was clever to have me add the mini marshmallows for further detail which really made them look reels!18 20 21 (2) 21 22 23 27 28 29 30 31 32 33

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Full party package detail are available in my Etsy shop, click here for details!

Happy celebrating!



Styling & Photography: Tania’s Design Studio
Printables: Tania’s Design Studio
Cake Pops: Carmen’s Sweet Creations
Cookies: Cookievonster

::: Junior Scientist Party Feature :::

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My oldest munchkin turned seven this year.  Birthdays are starting to move to a more grown up and ‘on trend’ party theme.  I have officially lost the battle of choosing the party theme!  To be honest, I only really want to see how happy my boys are when their mommy setups for their special day.

This junior scientist party did not disappoint!  It was a really fun birthday to plan and style; radioactive jello, periodic table cookies, a Mad Scientist experiment session! It all made good for a positively brilliant afternoon!

science (1) science (2) science (3) science (4) science (5)

I got the inspiration to make this watercolor cake from an online tutorial I saw on Sweetapolita, which you can find here, along with other great tutorials.

science (6) science (7) science (8)

These absolutely fabulous cookies were designed by the talented Evon of Cookievonster.  I am always so thrilled to go pick up cookies from her because she surprises me with her beautiful works of art every . single . time!

science (9)

All my party packages come with chocolate bar wrappers and here is one in use.  Instead of wrapping a chocolate bar, I used the paper to cover some Smarties!

science (10) science (11) science (12) science (13) science (14)

The cake pops are by Carmen of Carmen’s Sweet Creations.  Her cake pops look and taste the best and are often the first thing to go at my parties.

science (15) science (16) science (17) science (18) science (19) science (20) science (21) science (22) science (23) science (24) science (25) science (26) science (27) science (28) science (29)

Our newest member even got to get into the fun of this party!

science (30)

Happy birthday to my bright and sweet junior scientist!

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The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here for the details.



::: Dreamy Woodland Fairy Party Feature :::

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I had the pleasure of once again working with Amy of A Dazzle Day.  Her attention to detail and many DIY party decorations really makes her stand out as a fabulous party stylist!  We worked closely together to create this dreamy lavender and mint woodland fairy party package that came alive for her daughter Mia’s second birthday.  It is equally as beautiful as her Princess Safari Party that she styled for Mia’s first birthday, found here!  This gorgeous party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess, here.dreamy-purple-fairy-party

20130427Mia is 2 birthday party552


These adorable toadstool seat covers were handmade by Amy and she was so kind as to put together a tutorial for all those interested.  This tutorial and following DIY projects for this party were all featured on Hostess with the Mostess along with the party itself!  These seat covers are an easy sewing project and totally affordable, click here for the step by step instructions!



From fairy wands, custom clay ornaments, wooden peg fairy doll and hand stamped muslin purses, these little fairy guests were made to feel very special in Mia’s enchanted garden!



The fairy tutus for this party were also made by Amy and are available in her Etsy shop A Dazzle Day!



The wooden peg fairy doll tutorial can be found here.





20130427Mia is 2 birthday party365



I do love this party hat that was created by Amy and I think Mia truly felt like a fairy princess!


The tutorial for the woodland name card holders can be found here.



20130427Mia is 2 birthday party502

Napkin wraps are included in all party packages and I love to see them used because they really do add so much to the party decor.  Amy further embellished with hand stamped wooden cutlery and cute elastic ribbon is made to resemble fairy wings.  So clever!  The tutorial for these wraps can be found here.


20130427Mia is 2 birthday party484

20130427Mia is 2 birthday party347

20130427Mia is 2 birthday party351

20130427Mia is 2 birthday party460

20130427Mia is 2 birthday party490

I do hope you enjoyed this sprinkling of fairy dust as it was one enchanted party from start to end!

garden fairy esty post NEW-p001

The full party package can be found in my Etsy shop, just click on the listing picture above!

Wishing you all a party full of fairy magic!




::: Cowabunga! TMNT Party Feature :::

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Cowabunga Dudes! My now 6 year old is obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and so we have it, a TMNT party!  This particular party theme is trending right now and there are so many fabulous party ideas, I hope you can gather some inspiration from my party as well!  This party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess, here!



The fabulous cookies were once again created by the uber talented Evon of Cookievonster.


These adorable cake pops are by the talented Carmen of Carmen’s Sweet Creations.




tmnt blog post-p001


Believe it or not…this is a sugar cookie!




tmnt blog post-p003




This party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess here.



::: Superhero Party Feature :::

superhero blog post-p001Superheroes are a big thing in our house and so it is only fitting that I would create a party for one of my boys with that theme!  This party was so fun to plan but even more fun to enjoy, the kids just loved it!  This party was featured on Amy Atlas, here!

super (11)When imagining the cake, I new I wanted something bold and graphic, so instead of fondant I was decided to make ombre sugar dots to mimic the vintage dotted comic design from the party package.  I got my inspiration for these sugar dots here .  The diy tutorial on how to make these was so easy to follow and I think the time to make them was well worth it :)  The graphic cutouts that are available in the party package really made this cake pop!

super (25)The invitation is made to look like a vintage comic design, it was a great way to let the guests know what was to come.

super (3) 1

super (23)

super (20)

The amazing shortbread cookies were created by the talented Evon of Cookievonster and they really added a lot of impact to the party table.

super (17)

super (26) 2

The cupcake fondant toppers were so amazing as well.  They were create by Janderyn of earthandsugar.

super (18)The cake pops were created by Carmen of Carmen’s Sweet Creations.  She had a great idea to give them a shimmer in order to resemble spandex and I think it looks absolutely perfect!

blog superhero-p001

super (16)The polka dot backdrop is fabric I purchased from IKEA, I also used it in the photo booth area, but in red!

blog superhero-p002

super (10)

blog superhero-p003

super (26) 5


superhero esty post NEW-p001

Full party package is available in my Etsy shop, just click here for more details!



::: Little Ninja Party Feature :::

blog little ninja-p001My youngest son Karlo, has been into anything and everything ninja for the past few years, so last year I created a sweet little party to honor his wishes.  I am anxiously waiting to share pictures of the this years superhero party, but waiting for a feature on Amy Atlas Events before I show you all the fabulous details!  So here is Karlo’s 3rd birthday ninja party!

014One of the main design elements was the ‘rising sun’ and it was used for the cupcake toppers and the birthday banner.

016I had so much fun making the rice krispy sushi!  It was beyond easy, so yummy and even more…it was so pretty!

I used the individually wrapped krispy treats and then cut them out with a sharp knife and circular cookie cutter.  If the cookie cutter or knife got too sticky, I just smeared some butter what I was cutting with and all is well.  Fruit roll ups are used for the seaweed and the red “roe” are sprinkles, but they look very realistic!

019I found that the red Swedish fish looked and worked best for the sashimi!


042I bought the cake from Safeway :)  then I used the cake bunting and graphic cutout to make it look custom, so simple and cute!


051Straw flags were used to decorate the fruit and veggies, making them more enticing for those little fingers!


063I hope a little ninja master will enjoy this party theme as much as my little Karlo did!

My older son is now into TMNT, for those who don’t know the acronym, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and his birthday is fast approaching.  Party planning is in full swing for that theme!

ninja birthday esty post NEW-p005

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here to view.

happy celebrating!


::: Robot Birthday Party Feature :::

robot blog post-p001I was more than happy to work with Amy of Amy L.B. Photography when she said she was looking for a rainbow robot theme party package for her son, Lucas’ upcoming birthday.  The party was featured on Hostess with the Mostess, here.  Amy is very creative and this robot party is no exception.  Enjoy the rainbow eye candy!

20130217-Lucas is 55205

20130217-Lucas is 55050

Lucas is 5-520130217-Lucas is 54909I love these rainbow mini cakes, the colors just pop and they look oh so yummy!

Lucas is 5-4Lucas is 5-7Amy also made this cake which features one of the robots from the party package design!

Lucas is 5-6Lucas is 5-10Lucas is 5-18Lucas is 5-20

20130217-Lucas is 55041

Lucas is 5-14I love this photo booth and the robot props, the lil guest seemed to enjoy it too!

Lucas is 5-15Especially the birthday boy!

20130217-Lucas is 55223

20130217-Lucas is 54883Lucas is 5-13

Happy 5th Birthday Lucas!

Thank you Amy for sharing your lil bot birthday with us~

robot esty post NEW-p002

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here for details!



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::: Hello Love and Happy Love Day :::

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I really do like this day and I know many are not so enthusiastic, but really how could you not make this Love day just that.  L O V E, spend time today with those that make this day just a bit brighter!

 Here are some of my favorite pictures of the ‘hello love’ photo shoot I had mentioned in the previous blog post. This party was feature on Hostess with the Mostess, here.

hello-love-valentine-partyThis theme was named, ‘hello love’ because the talk bubbles…do all the talking.  Sayings like ‘xoxo,’ ‘be mine,’ and other sweet nothings are on cupcake toppers and are things you just might whisper to your love on this very special day.  As always, I do like to add some sparkle to things so this party table was no exception.  I found these cute clothespins at Micheal’s and decided to string the banner with them and add some bling!

xoxo-cupcake-topperThe cupcakes were baked in cute paper wrappers.  I picked them up at Homegoods as well as the old fashioned sugar heart decorations!  I love shopping there because you really never know what treasure you will find!

valentine-marshmallowsA few of you may know that marshmallows dipped in chocolate are a staple for my party tables.  I will have a tutorial on how to make these soon as I think they are so yummy and so easy!

ombre-pink-valentine-cakeThis cake just makes me smile :)  I really did not know what to expect when I read the tutorial on how to create it and I just went for it.  I know it is hard to tell, but is meant to show ombre pink.  Even thought that did not show as well as I had hoped, this is my favorite cake I have created so far.




21I ‘mustache’… will you be mine?

In my opinion, this is the best kind of mustache.  When no longer wanted, it is gone in minutes!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

hello love valentine esty post NEW-p002

Full package is available in the Etsy shop, click here for details.



::: Party Inspiration :::

It has been a while since I last posted, so I thought it would be nice to stay in season and discuss Valentine’s Day party ideas!

I recently styled this ‘Hello Love’ Valentine party and as I like to think that I am totally creative and original, I would like to mention the amount of inspiration I see and incorporate into my parties.  Putting my own stamp on the final product is my very favorite part of party planning and styling!

9Pinterest is probably my favorite place to see and gather inspiration for a party.  There are so many creative people and Pinterest helps me collect fabulous ideas.  Let’s start with cake!  The cake I chose to create for this years Valentine party is called a petal cake.  I have been seeing it all over the place and thought I just might try my hand at it.  Well, I feel my first attempt was quite a success and it has a lot to do with this great tutorial I found online.  Even though the blog post and recipe are in Spanish, I still understood the steps through pictures!  Find the tutorial here at la receta de la felicidad.

blog hello love valentine 2013-p008

Another cute Valentine dessert I found on Pinterest were these Oreo Cakester heart cookies by BakerellaI was first attracted to this treat because they looked so simple…and yes, they really were very easy and tasty!  I am all for small simple treats to fill a party table because the kids love the bit size and really who wants to spend endless hours prepping…not me!

blog hello love valentine 2013-p008 - CopyI am always thinking and looking for cute backdrop ideas.  I spotted this adorable floating hearts idea on Pinterest by Hank & Home Party CraftsI had to improvise a bit because I couldn’t make holes or tape the ceiling so I used an umbrella and hung various lengths of paper punched hearts taped to bakers twine.  I really liked the way it showed up on camera!blog hello love valentine 2013-p009

I will share the full party feature in my next blog post but for now I hope you can see a bit into my party planning mind!



::: Happy Christmas Party Feature :::

I do hope that everyone had a very happy holidays and those who celebrate Christmas, enjoyed their day with family and friends!  Decorating a gingerbread house is a staple holiday activity for me and my boys and so I decided to make a little party of it, I know…so unlike me!  I like to take every opportunity to celebrate and make memories.  This party was recently featured on the Amy Atlas Sweet Designs Blog, insert little happy dance, as it is always an honor for my work to be acknowledged with a party feature~

blog christmas 2012-p001The focus for this party was on the kiddies so I kept the treats simple and I will share my tips and tricks!


blog christmas 2012-p00214 0The marshmallow snowmen were put together in minutes…just two large marshmallows, a mini Oreo Cakester, some edible ink and a little ribbon!  Inspiration for the snowmen can be found here.

4blog christmas 2012-p003Peppermint and white chocolate is a match made in heaven!  These are so yummy and too easy to make.  Just take two mini candy canes and join them to make a heart, then zap some white chocolate wafers in the microwave 30 seconds at a time and when just warm enough to melt all the wafers, pour with a spoon to fill the heart centers.  I like to put these on wax or parchment paper so they can peel off nice and easy.

3I found the adorable reindeer cupcake holder at Winners, HomeGoods for my American friends.

0041720This was the table setup for the little elf decorators!  They each had a house (assembled ahead of time), candies to decorate and a favor pillow with treats!

1923This cute wish list and letter to Santa is included in the party package as well!

27Nimble little fingers were hard at work!

28My youngest Karlo would frost, place the candy and then immediately proceed to eating the candy!  He’s a sugar junkie…like his momma!!

blog christmas 2012-p003I hope you enjoyed our little gingerbread party and I have left you with some cut photo prop pics!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

happy christmas esty post NEW-p002

The full party package is available in my Etsy shop, click here for details~